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Many of our inmates started raceday learning of the passing of Nelson Mandela. It would be completely trivial to compare the status of Mandela as a long-serving prisoner with the status of inmate that we give our athletes, but the poignance of our race venue was not lost on us this year. In some ways the day's racing removed us from a country waking up for the first time without their iconic father figure. As we battled the purely physical elements of the race, the nation reflected on Nelson Mandela's mental, physical and emotional strength of endurance.  As we crossed the finish line to freedom after just a few short hours, the nation recalled the months, years and decades it took for Mandela to finally see his own finish line of a democratic South Africa. 

A minute's silence at the beginning of our race can never be enough to fully acknowledge the impact of this man; this country's most famous prisoner, and so we join the rest of South Africa in these official days of mourning and celebration of a man's life that brought freedom to our country's citizens. 






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